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Do galvanized parts need lubrication?

Galvanized steel is steel which has gone under several procedures and has been coated with zinc for higher resistance against moisture. Our professionals explain that if the galvanized material is scratched, moisture would penetrate the material, and still affect the steel component. Lubricants help them avoid cracks.

Why the photo eyes are placed so far down on the door?

The opener photo eyes must be six inches over the floor to see the tiniest obstruction under the door as it descends. If they would be installed higher and a baby crawls under the closing down, the sensors won't see it.

What are the things to consider before installing a new garage door?

In addition to the size and measurements of the garage, one should also consider the material of the door and the opener mechanism before making the purchase. There are different brands like Chamberlain and Liftmaster that manufacture high-quality automatic openers of different mechanisms. Then, after you have decided the door material, it is time to call the technicians at Garage Door Repair Taylorsville.

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